Most shops in Salt Lake County charge an estimate fee often ranging from $30-$60 just to tell you what is wrong with your machine. Here at Wasatch Power Equipment our estimate fee is $0. If we give you a quote and you decide not to fix your equipment you can come pickup your machine and there is no charge.

Servicing your equipment is the surest way to ensure longevity and ease of use in your equipment. Every year we service thousands of machines for our customers in Salt Lake County. We service all brands and all models as long as parts are available and the machine is in repairable condition.



We define service as a maintenance done to machines that are already running and don’t have broken parts. Service would include things like changing oil, air filters, spark plug, adjust cables, adjust engine, adjust drive, and more. Parts that are worn and need replacement would be an additional cost to the service.


We define repair as fixing units that are not running or have broken parts. Repairs are most commonly done to machiens that have not been running for a few years or have had a part break. Non running units are usually due to bad gas in the carburetor and often disable the fuel flow to the engine.